March 18, 2019, 2:50 pm

Jamaica PAYE Tax Calculator (Years 2002 - 2019)

This calculator is for persons under the Jamaican Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system.
Calculate your statutory deductions and take home pay with this calculator.
Note: 30% income tax per annum imposed only on income over $6,000,000.

Salary Period:
Gross Salary:
Pension Contribution:
Optional Deductions:

Note: Income Tax rate has increased 5% for persons earning over 6 million. Section 30 of the Income Tax Act will has been amended to impose the tax rate of 30% per annum on income in excess of $6,000,000.

For the year 2016, only select the $6M or over box, if your statutory income for the July to December period is over $6m.


This calculator is only a guide and is not a substitute for the Income Tax Act and other relevant Legislation.

PDF: Tax Administration News Release dated June 13, 2016

PDF: Download example of tax calculation for new and old threshold 2016


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